Powerful Ecommerce Intelligence Solutions Tools For

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  • Marketplace Operators

  • Studios

  • Financial Institutions

  • Insurance Companies

3PM WATCH: Digital Content Management

Easy, powerful AI-driven software that saves you time by continuously monitoring your digital content across your brand’s product listings. Billions of product listings change every day on marketplaces and retailer websites, and WATCH enables you to quickly fix inaccuracies and optimize for better performance.

WATCH  relies on 3PM’s proprietary technology to collect your digital content directly from wherever it is displayed online. In other words, with WATCH , you see what your customers see.

3PM CONNECT: Online Reputation Management

More than ever before, consumers rely on product reviews, seller ratings, and customer questions to make purchasing decisions. Savvy brands are using this information to more deeply engage with customers and boost sales.

CONNECT automates and simplifies the task of monitoring and responding to feedback and questions, so that you can make every customer interaction better than the last.

3PM SHIELD: Brand Protection and Fraud Prevention

The growth of online marketplaces and the ease of creating listings has made it harder than ever to protect your intellectual property.  SHIELD leverages 3PM’s data warehouse and proprietary search engine to take intellectual property protection to the next level.

With SHIELD, you’ll spend less time protecting your intellectual property with better results.