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Goliath vs. Goliath

According to a CNBC article earlier this week, Walmart appears to be gaining ground in its eternal battle against Amazon. The article was based on a survey finding by retail analytics firm First Insight, which found that the frequency of people buying items on Amazon six times or more per month has dropped to 40% this year from 80% in 2017. Here’s the key info-graphic, for our visually-inclined readers:

Both companies have invested heavily in speedier delivery and it seems that those logistics investments have become the great equalizer for Walmart, following a series of failed eCommerce investments (*cough* Jet.com *cough*).

How to Use Data Science to Drive eCommerce Revenue

Our friends over at Practical Ecommerce published an article yesterday highlighting five novel ways that data science can be used to drive incremental eCommerce revenue for brands and resellers. They lay out the cases for Market Basket Analysis, Price Optimization, Promotions, Recommendations, and Product Visualization.

It’s an interesting and thought-provoking read, but it leaves readers with a lingering question: where can I get this magical eCommerce data that holds the secrets to eCommerce riches? If only there were a company that had this data and offered it as a service to customers… (HINT: It’s us)

Not Fresher than Fresh

Remember that CNBC article from a few weeks back about expired food products on Amazon.com? Well, turns out it’s a problem north of the border as well, per a 3PM analysis and CBC News investigation.

PS — Keep an eye out for our founder and CEO, Rob Dunkel, in the CBC video below.