3PM Solutions Joins Catapult

We are excited to welcome 3PM Solutions to the Catapult community.

Marketplace websites are the future of online retail. Amazon is the leader, while Alibaba, Walmart, Target, and others are rapidly expanding. There are billions of listings and millions of third-party sellers, creating a massive problem for brands. It is a never-ending challenge to know who is selling your products and how they are being sold. Enter 3PM Marketplace Solutions.

3PM Solutions is a data-driven objective third party that both brands and marketplace operators can trust. Using deep machine learning and sophisticated analytics, 3PM collects data from all marketplaces across the internet to deliver actionable insights to brand owners and marketplace operators.

Founded by Rob Dunkel in January 2013, 3PM recently raised capital, which will be used to hire sales and marketing teams and integrate analytics and risk models into Salesforce. 3PM’s platform has been used by the entertainment industry for almost two years and they’ve recently expanded to healthcare, beauty and licensed merchandise.

The 3PM team’s impressive backgrounds include a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT, MS with a specialty in machine learning from the University of Chicago, an Aerospace engineer from Russia and other talented individuals who are motivated in solving this massive problem.

“Catapult is a special place and we’re excited to be a part of it,” said Rob. “I look forward to building relationships and learning from the other founders.”

“Rob and his team are a great addition to the Catapult family,” said April Lane, Catapult’s Executive Director. “3PM is impressive. We’re excited to see how they continue to develop and grow their platform.”

You can follow 3PM Solutions at @3PM_ai or find out more at http://3pm.ai/