3PM Screen Capture: Over One Billion Pages Grabbed

Chicago, IL November 9, 2017

3PM Solutions announces the release of 3PM Screen Capture, a tool that securely collects information on web pages; specifically from third-party marketplaces. Over one billion pages have been grabbed.

3PM Screen Capture creates a chain of custody that is preserved on a secure server. These pages may be used as evidence in a court of law when pursuing legal action.

"We fundamentally believe that consumer product companies have the right to have their products represented accurately and legally to their customers on marketplace websites," said Rob Dunkel, President of 3PM Solutions. "3PM's cloud-based platform provides our client's transparency into how their products are being represented on marketplace websites and now they have a tool to securely capture any fraudulent activity as evidence."

3PM has been using this product internally when uncovering and/or reporting fraudulent activity occurring on eCommerce marketplace websites. Due to the demand for legal departments and law firms to securely document fraudulent activity, 3PM is offering this product to help others.


About 3PM Solutions


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