Why Amazon’s Commingling Policy Is A Problem

Consumers trust Amazon. Amazon Prime has over 80 million members. When a consumer places an order from Amazon in a commingled category, that order may be fulfilled by inventory owned by a third-party seller. By commingling products, Amazon is not only putting consumer's trust at risk, but they may damage the relationship between an unknowing consumer and the brand; impacting the brands current and future sales.

For example, read why Amazon’s commingling should be a major concern for apparel and footwear companies:

“Your” customer buys a pair of their favorite boots on Amazon.com. This loyal customer specifically purchased the boots from Amazon, who they believed sourced the product from the manufacturer. They’ve read about the counterfeits being sold by third-party sellers and didn’t want to risk receiving counterfeit boots. Unfortunately, “your” customer unknowingly received a pair of counterfeit boots that were commingled with Amazon's inventory and now blames you.

The consumer trusted that the boots purchased from Amazon were authentic and blames the brand for poorly manufacturing their product. The brand just lost a loyal customer, but not Amazon. That same customer purchased a competitor's boot on Amazon as a replacement.


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