CHICAGO, IL—March 9, 2018– Announcing the launch of ReconBob, a free Google Chrome browser extension that improves how consumers shop on

A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office report highlights the issues with counterfeits being sold by third-party sellers on,, Sears Marketplace,, and The dominant leader is Amazon. In 2017, 50% of units sold on Amazon were from third-party sellers. Who are these sellers?

ReconBob provides user with insights and transparency into Amazon’s third-party sellers and listings. No longer will consumers need to rely on a seller’s star rating system. ReconBob provides them with information from past customer experience and at times from the manufacturer.

3PM Solutions announces the release of 3PM Screen Capture, a tool that securely collects information on web pages; specifically from third-party marketplaces. Over one billion pages have been grabbed.

When a consumer places an order from Amazon in a commingled category, that order may be fulfilled by inventory owned by a third-party seller. By commingling products, Amazon is not only putting consumer's trust at risk, but they may damage the relationship between an unknowing consumer and the brand; impacting the brands current and future sales.

Amazon provides third-party sellers direct access to “your” customers, putting brand equity, relationships and customer experience in the hands of strangers. Remove fraudulent third-party sellers.


IIeX 2017 North America is most innovative, disruptive and client-driven insights event in the world.

Join Rob Dunkel, Founder of 3PM Marketplace Solutions, Tuesday, June 13th at IIeX2017. In this presentation, he will discuss marketplace basics- benefits of Amazon and how Artificial Intelligence can increase your revenue.

The dominance of Amazon and its marketplace is clear. What’s not so clear are the counterfeit items that are also sold there. Rob Dunkel is the founder of 3PM Marketplace Solutions, a company that uses sophisticated data analysis to identify counterfeit and trademark violators on Amazon and other leading marketplaces.

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Chicago’s tech star is burning bright. The industry is churning out plenty of new launches, attracting talent from across the country and keeping the scene funded with active local investors. For our annual top 50 startups to watch list, we looked at companies founded within the last five years that are poised to usher in a new era of innovation, creativity and success.

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Experts not convinced of Jack Ma's jobs pledge
Experts not convinced of Jack Ma's jobs pledge  Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017 | 11:04 AM ET | 00:36

Alibaba founder Jack Ma's visit to Trump Tower this week wasn't just the latest example of a foreign business leader cozying up to the president-elect.

"The problem that Ma's created has cost the U.S. millions of jobs," said Rob Dunkel, founder of 3PM Marketplace Solutions, whose technology helps brands protect themselves against fraudulent activity. "Why should we believe you now?"

Dunkel has some additional advice for the president-elect: "The question Trump should be asking is, `What's Jack's plan to protect U.S. companies' IP?'"

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When browsing some of the world’s biggest online marketplaces, it can be hard for the everyday consumer to spot a counterfeit product from a third-party seller. And when a consumer gets a product that looks legitimate but performs poorly, it can sour that consumer’s vision of the brand.

Chicago startup 3PM Marketplace Solutions protects brands with machine learning algorithms that spot counterfeits and help companies understand how customers are coming across their products.

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We are excited to welcome 3PM Solutions to the Catapult community.

Marketplace websites are the future of online retail. Amazon is the leader, while Alibaba, Walmart, Target, and others are rapidly expanding. There are billions of listings and millions of third-party sellers, creating a massive problem for brands. It is a never-ending challenge to know who is selling your products and how they are being sold. Enter 3PM Solutions.

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