Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing for the Digital Shelf


3PM Watch

  • Automation for the digital shelf

  • Seamlessly verify, monitor and manage your listing content

3PM Data Warehouse

  • Business intelligence to grow your revenue

  • Competitive market research at your fingertips

3PM Connect

  • Product reviews across e-commerce on one platform

  • Consumer questions, experience and product insights

3PM Shield

  • Brand protection for Trademarks and copyright images at scale

  • Protecting customer experience from unauthorized sellers

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3PM Watch

Verify, monitor and manage your online listing content.

5 billion changes to listing content happens everyday on Amazon.

What if your image was changed? How much revenue would you lose before you fixed it?

When your product is displayed incorrectly at a physical store, it may impact a handful of people, but online, it impacts thousands of sales opporunities.

Intelligent automation to safeguard your customer experience and revenue

Why Take Unnecessary Risks When Avoiding Them Is This Easy

3PM Connect: One place for online product reviews and consumer questions

Turn your product reviews into valuable market research

Consumers rely on product reviews and customer questions to make buying decisions. Savvy brands are using this information to engage with their customers and boost revenue.

Generate Useful Analytics for Stakeholders

Gain valuable customer insights on missing or desirable product features and functions. Identify early signals around product quality or supply chain issues. Track performance of customer care teams.

*Company and product names are examples and do not indicate any relationship, sponsorship, or endorsement of 3PM’s services.



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