1. Who Is Selling Your Products? 

Amazon provides third-party sellers direct access to “your” customers, putting your brand’s equity and customer experience in the hands of strangers.



2. Product Reviews:

When a customer has a negative experience by an unauthorized third-party seller, the consumer blames the manufacture. If it is your product you’ve lost a customer, not Amazon. This impacts your current and future sales.



3. Buy-Box Rule

Who wins the buy-box for your most popular products is one of the most important metrics you can watch. Estimates predict that 65-80% of unit volume is captured by the buy-box. Amazon provides companies with an overall estimate; however, for obvious reasons it is critical to view this on a SKU level.



4.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tracking your product rank for specific search terms can be used to improve how  customers find you. Having your listings above competitors will increase sales.



5. Brand Safety 

Removing fraudulent listings will improve your customer experience. Unfortunately, many third-party sellers will create fraudulent listings to divert and mislead your customers.

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