Protect your brand. Increase your sales.
3PM stops fraudulent activity. It is the most effective way to work with marketplaces.
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Marketplace websites let brands reach millions of customers.
Third-party sellers can create complex challenges that negatively impact your sales and brand.
3PM’s data approach is solving these problems.
3PM makes it easy to spot fraudulent activity.
Counterfeit Products
Trademark Violations
Seller Location
Inaccurate Listings
Price Deviations
Gray-Market Products
Identify. Resolve.
3PM uncovers third-party sellers who are harming your brand.
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Innovative. Simple.
3PM makes it easy to find, report and track violations by third-party sellers.
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Affordable. Powerful.
3PM's shared-risk approach improves performance and cost.
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Artificial Intelligence for Marketplace Websites
We make the impossible easy.
3PM addresses multiple challenges in a whole new and highly effective way. Our innovative tool aggregates data across marketplaces globally and uses artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights that lead to better business decisions.
Simple, Innovative View of Your Brand
3PM gives you a simple, innovative view of who is using your brand and highlights high-risk sellers. 3PM can even find listings that don’t mention your brand by name.
Report and Track Violations with a Click
3PM has streamlined the reporting process. Once an issue is spotted, you can report fraudulent activity with the click of a button and track the status of your reports.
Compelling Evidence-Quick Resolution
The evidence from 3PM’s data is clear and compelling. When combined with our high-efficiency workflow, it allows online marketplaces to resolve your issues in minutes. Faster resolution means improved sales.
Our Turnkey Solution is Ready Now
3PM aggregates data from online marketplaces globally, we already have your brand’s data- there’s no wait for it to be collected.
Sales Optimization
3PM platform provides sales teams with never before insights into their products.
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3PM’s shared-risk approach has unique benefits.
Working Together, We Are Stronger
When a third-party seller infringes on your trademark, most likely they are infringing on your competitor. This is a shared-risk.
Affordable for Everyone
3PM aggregates data on every brand. By sharing risk information across brands, the benefits of 3PM are enhanced and your cost is far less than a go-it-alone approach. This means the platform is built for any sized company.
See who is selling your product NOW!
We already have your brand’s data.
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Founded in 2013, our mission is to provide our clients key metrics enabling them to make smart decisions. 3PM has built a team of brilliant people, including a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, MS with specialty in machine learning from University of Chicago, an Aerospace engineer and other individuals who are motivated in solving this massive problem. Our technology and data approach is changing how companies navigate marketplace websites.